How does it work - for art hosts

Exchange and experience, your way

Easy and reliable use

1. add a project, add a portfolio

2. send application, invite an artist

3. communicate & communicate

4. confirm schedule, confirm offers

5. meet in person, mission accomplished

6. review & rating

Give flexible offers. What types of offers do we recommend at

  • Hospitality: hotel, homestay; breakfast, food stipend.
  • Cash: pocket money or financial commission.
  • Service: uber, motrobike, bicycle, scuba-diving course, food course, manicure, gym
  • Products: camera, fashion, watch, insurance, flight tickets, gold
  • Future offers: give offers for artists to use in the future.

How does it work - for artrvlers

Projects include art-making, workshops, exhibitions, and other art activities. What types of artists are available at

  • Art: painting, illustration, art installation, wall art, photography, drawing, 3D art, sculpture, paper art, street art, light art, CG art, and more
  • Design: crafts, fashion design, styling, industrial design, graphic design, architecture, and more
  • Perform: music, dance, performance, and more
  • Video: film, animation, stop motion, and more.